Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why Twitter?

I often get a puzzled look or blank stare when I tell people I like Twitter, Facebook, or blogging. Sometimes it's hard to explain what these things are to people who don't use social networking tools. Let me try a different answer today - rather than explain what they are, let me share some ways in which they've been a benefit over the past few months.

Thanks to Twitter, along with blogs, Facebook, and other web-based tools that build community I have...

  • Made several new friends with similar passions that I would love to meet someday
  • Received over a dozen new-release books for free, to review or from giveaway promotions
  • Been able to ask questions and get thoughtful answers from some great minds and authors like Reggie McNeal, Nancy Ortberg, Matt Chandler, Steve Gladen,  Steve Saccone
  • Helped other people out with technical questions
  • Reconnected with some friends I haven't seen in years
  • Had fun testing out some cutting edge technologies (like getting a Google Wave invite)
  • Found mentors in areas I want to grow
  • Attended some outstanding conferences "virtually"
  • Shared pictures with friends and families from events, right from my phone
  • Gotten an inside glimpse into the daily lives of many friends
  • Got a new CD via a promotion on the day it was released
  • Learned information helpful in doing my job at work
  • Received dessert suggestions for restaurants while I'm there eating
  • Been able to encourage many people when they were down
  • Been encouraged and taught on an almost daily basis
  • Learned about several critical prayer requests in real time and prayed for people across the globe
  • Likewise had folks I barely know praying for my family in times of crisis
  • Become aware I need to be able to communicate more concisely :)

So instead of answering the question of why I Twitter, I'm going to as you - why don't you?

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