Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How do we get it all done?

Last week over at the GoingToSeminary web site was a good article called "The Balancing Act". Nancy Wilson discussed the dangers of setting expectations too high, trying to hard in some area, and how easy it is for life to get out of balance. I continued the overall theme with an article posted at GoingToSeninary - called "Getting It All Done."

There I take a look at the example of Christ, and the verse John 17:4, exploring how Jesus managed to get done everything the Father expected of Him (not everything that all his friends and enemies expected of Him!) We're told that Jesus completed all the work the Father gave Him to do. How was He able to do this?
"When it came to getting things done, Jesus was a master of prioritizing at two different levels: strategic and operational. He got the big picture right – He knew why He was here, what His priorities were, and where He needed to invest most of His time. That meant for some very tough decisions. He focused on doing the will of the Father, on reaching the people of Israel, and on building deeply into the lives of only a handful of men. Everything He did reflected His top priorities. Equally importantly, he always seemed to get it right in-the-moment. He took time out for individuals, to heal people, to go to dinner parties with sinners. His sermons got to the point, His teaching time was focused, He never got bogged down arguing with His critics, and He balanced family and ministry perfectly."
Check it out --"Getting it All Done."

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