Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School... again

After graduating from Rockbridge Seminary with a Master of Ministry Leadership just two months ago, I have re-enrolled at Rockbridge for another program (M.Div)!  I know that probably sounds like I'm being a glutton for punishment, but I can't help it. I just love learning. I love school - the reading, the writing, the discussions, pondering questions that go beyond the daily grind, but also considering how to be more effective in the things we do. I enjoyed the Rockbridge experience so much it was a pretty easy decision. They are a 100% online seminary, where I can do all the work when it's convenient for me (mostly 10pm-1am in my case), without cutting too much into family time, and without having to relocate or take a break from either work or ministry.

This semester I am taking two courses: Church History I (early church right up to the reformation), and a course on Christian Worldview and Theology. The goal of the former is to help us understand our roots in a way that can help us better understand our present and forge the future. The goal of the latter is to give us a deeper understanding of not just what we believe, but why. Should be some very interesting material!

I'll answer my most frequently asked question - why do you want to get a Master of Divinity? Are you planning to be a minister? Short answer: No, I already am a minister, and so are you if you are a follower of Jesus. Slightly longer answer: I have no current plan for what might come next in my life. If I guessed I would probably be wrong. But I do know that having a much deeper understanding of Scripture is going to be a great learning experience that will serve me well whatever is next, and will help me grow spiritually as well. Plus the M.Div program (covering O.T. and N.T., biblical theology and interpretation, preaching and teaching, history and a smattering of Greek) is the perfect complement to what I have already studied for the MML (a nice mix of theory and practice in discipleship, fellowship, worship, ministry and evangelism, and a lot of leadership training). If I get to share some of this with my brothers and sisters (locally at Calvary Baptist Church and those of you online) over the next couple of years, even better!

If there are any topics you would like to hear more about, please let me know?!


GyrlPower said...

I think it's fantastic you're going back to school! We should never stop learning and what you are learning about can only lead to better things. Best wishes!

Larry Baxter said...

Thanks!! Couldn't agree with you more. :)

Dustin Cannon said...

Hi Larry, I am considering Rockbridge and would love to chat with you for a few minutes about your experience if you have time. I am just south of you in Columbus, IN,