Friday, February 10, 2012

New Calvary Leadership Podcast

I'm becoming increasing passionate about discipleship and leadership development. We care a lot about our volunteer leaders at Calvary Baptist Church, but it's challenging to get the right mix of respecting people's schedules and making time to get together. So I've launched a leadership podcast specifically aimed for leaders at Calvary. The goal of this podcast is to be able to share more than just information about groups or events, but to try to share more of the "why" behind the vision and direction and programs at Calvary, as well as share some "how-to" ideas regarding challenges and situations we all face as leaders. I'll focus primarily on small groups, but will try to share a lot of things of interest to ministry leaders - or even ideas you can apply in the workplace as you are salt and light influencing others there. The first post will talk about being courageous, and I'll follow that up with some tips for our small group leaders over the next few episodes.

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