Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stepping Up to the Call

"What's a blog?" "It's some nerd thing."

So begins the conversation that pushed me over the threshold into the world of blogging. The question was asked by a new member browsing through our cafe library on seeing a book entitled "The Blogging Church" (by Brian Bailey with Terry Storch). The less than enthusiastic response came from our newest pastor. I chimed in with...
"Actually, a blog is a powerful communication tool for spreading the gospel, fostering authentic relationships, and building up the body of Christ in a culturally relevant way."
She turned back to the worship pastor with a surprised look and said "Wow! I like his answer better!"

I had been thinking about blogging for over a year but have held off, fearing it was too much of a toy that would chew up what little free time I have. Several things have changed my mind - reading several outstanding and encouraging blogs by pastors, the discovery of RSS (more on that later), and a new emphasis for our Deacons this year - to invest ourselves in relationships that encourage other leaders and to influence them to be bolder and more effective in ministry. I was the one who ordered that book, in (vain?) hope that one or more pastors might start blogging about our church's story. This cafe conversation drove home something very basic - people cannot follow where no one is willing to lead. If I didn't believe blogging was an effective tool for ministry and invest the time to do it, how could I expect spirit-led but techonology-challenged friends to do this?

In the 24 hour gap between creating the blog and making this first post, my life has become filled with chaos, stress, sickness, and a hand so sore I can't type. Add to that a dreadful sense of unworthiness and hypocrisy: who am I to pretend to have anything worthwhile to say? Regardless, I'm trusting not in myself but in God; so in obedience today I face a giant called 'doubt' with but a sling, and let fly a single stone.

The purpose of this blog, the goal of our deacons this year, and my own prayer for readers is this - that I, my brothers and sisters, would prayerfully consider how God has uniquely shaped us to serve in His kingdom and take some concrete steps to encourage and/or equip other potential leaders to step up to the call given to them in Christ. 'Stepping Up' is a call to build intentional relationships that will result in life transformation and glory to God.

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