Friday, February 23, 2007

Why Should a Christian Blog?

Over the next few posts I want to discuss a recent statement that...
"Blogging is a powerful communication tool for spreading the gospel, fostering authentic relationships, and building up the body of Christ in a culturally relevant way."
There are many ways to share good news, and better ways to build strong relationships. Blogging seems impersonal on the surface (common on now, it's a geek at his keyboard, right?!) - so what specific reasons led me to start blogging?

My Top Reasons for Blogging

1. Stewardship - God wants us to pass on what he teaches us to others. Blogging is a great way to share this with a wider audienece. Paul exhorts us in II Tim 2:2 to pass on what we learn to other faithful people who will in turn share what they learn. It's interesting that two blogs I follow also listed stewardship as a key reason why they blog: Evotional by Mark Batterson, and Leading Smart by Tim Stevens.

2. Learning - I seem to learn best when I write things down and try to share it with others. I'm blogging not out of a sense of being an expert but as one who wants to grow in effectiveness and devotion serving the Lord. Writing and sharing really help me to learn myself.

3. Relationships - Most people would call blogging a lonely exercise of geeks, but I think it's a way for others to understand who I am, and for me to meet and encourage other people. I'm hoping that blogging about helping regular people serve an awesome God that I will get to know other Christians who share this passion.

4. Discipline - Spiritual discipline doesn't come easy. The prayer and seeking in God's word needed to do this will be a blessing. Yes, it will take time for me to do this, but I'm praying that the extra time needed for this ministry will crowd out lesser activities that don't honor God.

5. Worship - I'm expecting God to do a great and wonderful thing with His church and His people. Writing down personal thoughts in a public venue will help me remember and worship that it was all about Him.

One last reason that is a distinctly longer term wish - that my children and family may have a legacy of this spiritual journey - not a history of what I did but a diary of my heart and passion for serving God.

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