Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Confusion is not always bad

It's been a very busy week, and one in which I wasn't able to do several things as well as I wanted to. In times like these, I try to evaluate what I'm doing to see which things need to be the highest priorities, if there's something I need to cut, or if there is an approach I'm taking that isn't going to see the outcome I hope for. Sometimes this type of introspection can leave me more confused than when I started! :)

I was so encouraged this week by a post by Pastor Steven Furtick called "I used to hate to be confused...". In it he describes how lately he is instead learning to love the feeling. Steven writes...

"When I’m confused about something, it’s:
  • a portal to a deeper understanding of the character of God
  • a precursor to greater faith
  • a great occasion to humble myself and seek the wisdom of others
  • a sign that my God is elevating me to another level, and my current mindset isn’t adequate for the place God wants to take me next
  • a birthplace for innovative and breakthrough concepts
"You can either avoid confusion because it makes you feel vulnerable-and miss the chance to upgrade your paradigm - Or lean into your confusion, admitting you don’t have the answers, and watch God expand your thinking and grow your soul."

If that's the case, even a fraction of the times I'm confused, I can learn to love to be confused too!


Anonymous said...

Great post. A little challenging to my faith, but that is probably a good thing. Thanks for blogging.

Larry Baxter said...

Thanks! I first heard Furtick at Catalyst this year, and he was just an amazing speaker.