Sunday, May 17, 2009

Learning from my children

We had a great conversation around the lunch table today. It started off talking about 'what is a coach potato?' which of course led to talking about the cartoon "Jo-Jo's Circus." On that show the parents spuds weren't setting the best example for their little one. My youngest reflected "That's not very good, is it?" I told him no, but that parents can learn from their kids too and that we can learn from their example. "Really???? How!?" came back the question. I told each kid one way in which their lives or hearts were an example for me to follow. My daughter's extreme thoughtfulness and caring about others; my oldest son's ability to laugh in any situation; my middle son's attitude of contentment and willingness to hug absolutely anyone, anywhere; and my youngest boy's always demonstrating that despite mom's love for taking care of us we needed to be sure to show her lots and lots of love too!!

Wow! It's hard to express how their faces lit up, knowing that their dad sees great things in them that I learn from them. My daughter (the thoughtful one) said "Well, I learn from you too - I love how encouraging you are!" One son really appreciated how we could talk and pray together about things that were on his mind. They expressed appreciation for mom too, for just how much she loves them, and for how she would encourage them when they were down, and to get get back on the bike when they fell off :)  This was one of the most awesome weekends I've had in a long time, but I'll remember this conversation with my kids for a long, long time. I'm so blessed!

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