Thursday, May 7, 2009

Review - The Principle of the Path

Andy Stanley is an outstanding communicator well known for clarity and wisdom in his writing and speaking. The Principle of the Path is another excellent book, in which he explains a basic principle that is at work in many aspects of our life.

The premise of the book is extremely simple (as Andy states) - that "direction - not intention - determines our destination." In other words, the choices we make put us on a path that plays a much bigger role than where we 'want' to go. I wouldn't call this a self-help book, there's no formula to follow; the application of the principle remains a challenge even after you fully understand it. The power comes from the fact that it is not only so true, but that it operates in every aspect of our lives - relational, moral, financial, spiritual, physical.

The book addresses several good questions, such as why so many smart and driven people start out with a clear vision of their desired destination and yet years later find themselves in a completely different place. The principle, once embraced will empower you to identify and follow the path that will in fact lead you towards your desired destination. While Andy is a Pastor and uses several biblical examples, his writing style is down to earth and the principle and applications apply to everyone. There's only two downsides I found in the book. The first was that it was too long (and I almost never say that about a book!) The second was that it seemed to concentrate mostly on avoiding wrong paths instead of how to actively start down and stay on a path that will lead you from where you are to where you want to be. Nevertheless, it's a very solid book which I recommend for everyone.

I'm a big Andy Stanley fan, so I was happy to get a copy of this book from the Thomas Nelson Blogger Review Program. More information on The Principle of the Path can be found at the Thomas Nelson website, and it's available for sale at Amazon and other retailers.

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