Sunday, August 29, 2010

Great weekend with our 11th Annual Community BBQ

Today was a wonderful day with lots of fun, family, friends and food! Calvary Baptist had their 11th Annual Community BBQ. We had in the ballpark of a thousand or so people there (or triple the number attending in the morning), which meant we had a lot of friends and people from the community come by. The elephant ears were definitely one of my favorites :)  I also had a great time playing a set on bass with the praise team. Everybody Praise the Lord was a favorite there.

Our BBQ is really just a 'bridge' event, to show our neighbors and friends that we care about them, that we just want to hang out and have fun together, with no agenda whatsoever. Sometimes people have had rotten experiences with a church and no longer feel like it's a safe place - or that people who go to church love to judge others and have forgotten how to have fun. Calvary is not like that at all, though sometimes it's hard to understand that. I'm proud of the many people who volunteered and worked very hard today to make the event such a success!

The world famous Calvary Elephant Ear!!  Fried dough, cinnamon and sugar :)

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