Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer is Coming to a Close

It might seem sometimes like I all do is read, given the number of reviews recently :)
Not quite true... so I thought I would just toss out some highlights of the summer before it winds down.

It's been a really good summer, although a bit warm and fairly quiet. I've been a homebody. Dawn and the kids did get to go on a bit of a roadtrip, to Virginia and Pennsylvania to hang out with family. Work has been quite good. The recession hasn't hurt us - in fact the current climate favors companies doing projects to cut costs and optimize their operations, so we've seen new business which has kept us nicely busy. I've played bass guitar in our praise team about every other week... kept up with volleyball (which I love), with the added addition of going to B-dubs afterwards most weeks. (Alas, that has not done well for weight control!) I've enjoyed relaxing with the kids, a mixture of Wii, hanging out in the hammack, a few visits to the pool, going out to Denny's, or watching a family movie together. Their in the final years before becoming teenagers, so I'm enjoying them while I can!

I've been doing a lot of reading about mentoring, and how to foster a mentoring culture. I've also been doing some reading on helping people discover and apply their strengths. That's a growing passion - to encourage and equip others to be all that God has called them to be. Summer has been a time to reflect on such things, and it provides a little extra time to just hang out and build relationships. Life can move so fast - friends have had a lot going on in their lives over the past several months too: friends who have moved away, or are planning to soon, some who have gotten married, others who are recently divorced.

So... sorry it's been a bit quiet around here. It's hard to find time to both build face-to-face relationships with people and do as much as I would like sharing thoughts on the blog. Right now I'm still feeling like I have so much to learn, not as much wisdom to share. Why is it so hard to 'find your voice?'  :)

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