Friday, September 24, 2010

Keys to Being an Effective Team

I ran across a scrap of paper this morning on which I took some notes from "The Human Side of Enterprise", written by Douglas McGregor. He talks about what characteristics separate high performance teams from others.

Key Characteristics of Highly Effective Teams
  1. A good a team is comfortable, relaxed and informal in their atmosphere.
    There is a lack of obvious tensions, and people are engaged.
  2. Everyone participates in discussions.
    The discuss in on task, people speak up, not dominated by one person.
  3. The task is well defined and accepted by team members.
    Individuals can identify their objectives and commit to them.
  4. Members really listen to each other.
    Ideas are heard, not ignored, and the loudest voice doesn't win.
  5. Critical suggestions are made without personal attack.
    There is disagreement, and this is not viewed as unhealthy.
  6. Members are free to express feelings and not just ideas.
    In addition, the group is conscious about its own operations.
  7. Everything is out in the open, with no hidden agendas.
    There is both unity and clarity of purpose.
  8. Clear assignments are made and accepted.
    No ambiguity on next step or who is responsible.
  9. Most decisions are made at the point where there is general agreement.
    Reservations are expressed during meetings, not held and griped about later.
  10. Leadership shifts depending on the circumstance.
    At times others may step up due to special knowledge, skills, or passion.
Some of these may seem surprising. Disagreement and conflict are ok? Leadership can shift around? Full consensus may not always be required? The group takes time talking about itself and how effective it is functioning?

These characteristics apply well in business settings as well as on ministry teams.

Is there something today you can do to help your team be more effective?

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