Saturday, September 11, 2010

Review - Your Money God's Way

We're currently taking a close look at managing your finances, from both a biblical and practical perspective at Calvary. We're even preparing to launch a Financial Peace University program (Momentum) next January. So I've been doing some reading in this area. One book I got to look at recently (via a review copy through Thomas Nelson's Book Sneeze program) is "Your Money God's Way: Overcoming the 7 Money Myths that Keep Christians Broke" by Amie Streater.

Streater's approach is different from other books teaching sound financial principles. While it gives a lot of practical advice, it's not trying to treat the symptoms of financial woes, but rather take a look at the root problems, identifying seven "counterfeit convictions" that love to get between people (especially Christians) and financial peace. She takes a look at money habits, where they come from, how they affect us, and sees which habits are supported by Scripture and which go against God's plan. Amie Streater is an Associate Pastor of Financial Stewardship (that's a new one!) for New Life church in Colorado Springs. Her writing style is very clear, filled with stories, and with no hesitation in telling it like it is!

The seven key chapters on counterfeit convictions are:
  • The Fix-It Fantasy (money can't fix you or your problems)
  • Saviors or Enablers (doormat syndrome)
  • Self-Righteous Slackers (how work is part of God's design)
  • You Must Be Here to Help Me (assuming other people's intentions are good)
  • God is an ATM (giving as a magic wand)
  • The Scarlett Syndrome (rose colored glasses, Christian style)
  • The Cliff Jumpers (pushing the need for faith a little too far)
At the end of each chapter are two useful sections: God's way - a collection of takeaway points from each chapter; and Solution Steps - simple actions you can take today to start improving your financial situation.

Overall I think this book should be quite useful to those currently longing for financial health, especially those wondering how God can let them as a Christian flounder so badly. It's a good complement to other action-based book. For example several times the author refers to and recommends Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. Read it to find out if your beliefs or habits might be a key cause of current financial struggles, or if you prefer lots of stories rather than dry economic advice.

Your Money God's Way is available at Amazon and other book retailers. 


Amie said...

Thanks so much for the review- glad you liked Your Money God's Way! May God continue to bless your own financial journey.
-Amie Streater

Larry Baxter said...

Amie, my pleasure - what also came through in your book was what a passion you have for helping people through these financial landmines, and trying to share wisdom from the Bible to prevent them from getting into trouble in the first place.

God speed - Larry