Sunday, February 13, 2011

The H2O Challenge for Ten Days

For the next ten days my family and I, along with about a hundred friends at Calvary Baptist Church, are going to be giving up coffee, soda, and other beverages to drink only water. Drinking water, safe water, is a privilege that almost one billion people do not share - and we're doing something about it! The Well Project Calvary is seeking to raise $5000 to dig a well for children and families in a village in Honduras, in partnership with Living Water International. For the H2O challenge from Feb. 14th to Feb. 23rd, we will take the money that we normally spend on coffee, soda and other drinks, and give that to the Well Project. We'll being doing more over the course of a year, but this is a great start! If you're on Facebook, check out theH2OChallenge or The Well Project - and check out this video on the 10 day Challenge...

10 Days from Living Water International on Vimeo.

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