Saturday, February 21, 2009

Processes and Relationships Together

In my current class at Rockbridge Seminary we're currently discussing some aspects of leadership and team building. In forum discussion I mentioned the tension between processes and relationships. I got a great response from a classmate, Mark Lake, who had shared about the relational component of team building and how this takes time.
"It is hard for us engineers to get away from processes. As I have grown closer to God, I have realized that every process or system should provide opportunity for building relationships. The more we see ourselves as a conduit for Jesus-centered relationships, the greater our kingdom impact will be."
As I thought about the various processes and systems in our church, I realized how true this was. In fact, as we're adding new processes or addressing weaknesses in current systems, the aspect of building relationships - helping people to connect to God and to each other, is a major driving force.

It's discussions like this that helps make it a joy to learn online at Rockbridge.

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