Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Review - For the Tough Times

For the Tough Times: Reaching Toward Heaven for Hope  - Book Review
Max Lucado, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2008

For the Tough Times is a short, extremely readable book that seeks to provide comfort to those hurting. Lucado addresses the heart question "Does God love me in the midst of this fear and pain?" It's not a theological answer book on why bad things happen to good people, though it does address this. Instead it calls us to that which offers the best hope of healing and comfort: prayer. It does so in a very gentle and caring way. Max inspires us - he doesn't shame or guilt us - but offers the hope that God does care, and He listens.

When tough times come, people naturally search for answers. Lucado speaks of course from a Christian perspective, but speaks in such a way that those who don't normally pray often may too find hope. Doubt and fear do not offend God or keep Him far. His love is powerful and reaches out to all who hurt.

The book is small and quite short (80 pages). Thankfully it avoids saying anything stupid (a must for any book dealing with grief and hurting people). This makes it an excellent book to give to someone you know who is hurting, when you don't know what to say. It does repackage some of his older material, the price is somewhat steep, and it's not necessarily a book you'll love if these aren't tough times right now. But it's one I will keep handy for when those times do come.

Review copy provided by Thomas Nelson Publishers.
For the Tough Times is available at Amazon and other retailers ($10.99 MSRP).

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