Thursday, April 8, 2010

Apple iPhone OS 4 event

Today at 1pm Eastern Apple will host an event revealed their next generation of iPhone OS software. Ok, maybe that's not so very newsworthy, but it's a slow news day! Several sites, such as MacWorld will be blogging with live updates about the event. No one knows what they're going to unleash - multasking? more social networking integration? I don't think the news will be as big as the recent iPad launch, but new capabilities are always fun. I hope they don't leave out the original first version iPhone in all this :)  If I can stop playing with it, I'll try to write up an iPad review sometime before long.

(Edit: The preview revealed: Multitasking, folders, enhanced mail (unified inbox),
iBooks, improved enterprise functionality (multiple Exchange accts), Game Kit,
and iAd. Due this summer, not for early iPhone models)

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