Saturday, May 8, 2010

Leader versus Boss

I had a little chat with my youngest son this morning, and told him that I think that he's a fine young man and I think he has good leadership potential. I asked him to be a good example, a a leader and helper on his upcoming road trip with mom and the other kids. He looked confused and said "I thought you didn't like me to boss the other kids around?" I chuckled and explained that a leader is someone who helps others and encourages them to do the right thing, while a boss just tells people what to do and tends to care only about himself.

I left it at that, but thought about some other differences between a boss and a leader.

  • A boss tells people what to do, a leader shows people what to do.
  • A boss cares about what's best for himself or the organization, a leader cares about his people as much as about higher goals.
  • A boss sees herself in a position of authority, a leader sees herself in a position of influence.
  • A boss sets one set of rules for followers and another for himself, a leader sets a higher standard for himself.
  • A hierarchical boss is to be served, a leader is a servant first and foremost.
  • A boss hoards responsibility and authority, a leader gives them away.
  • A boss is sometimes known for yelling, a leader is best know for listening.
  • A boss wrings out the most from people, a leader brings out the best in people.

If husbands and deacons were better at being spiritual leaders than trying to be the boss, they would be a whole lot easier to follow, and life would be so much better!

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