Monday, May 3, 2010

Plan B in Nashville

Unnerving irony in that on the eve of the launch of the book "Plan B" by Pete Wilson, a major flood hits the Nashville area, home to Pete and Cross Point Church. Heartbreaking news and reports, and videos, of devastation. Many on the staff of his church have lots their homes (!)  Other Christian leaders and organizations and churches are being hammered by the floods. It was not Plan A to be wiped out by a flood. How are they responding? Here's a sample of the news, help, and praise, I've been seeing on twitter:

@pwilson - This is crazy (chill bumps)!! ive nevr seen so many volunteers who keep pouring in. luv being the hands & feet of Jesus in Nashville 2day.

@pwilson - There's a dude I've never even met sleeping on my couch. #floodsbringpeopletogether

Want to help Nashville Flood victims? Here's how...

If you're headed to @crosspoint_tv Bellevue bring hammers, trashbags and brooms. Thanks!!

Flood relief has started. We've sent sevrl teams out w/ water & supplies. Now going by boat 2 help sum families.

 @MichaelHyatt (CEO of publisher Thomas Nelson) RT @GailHyatt: Great info: So My House Is Flooded, Now What?

@MichaelHyatt Here’s a video of what we dealt with yesterday in Franklin, all around my house:

And I'm so impressed by the attitude displayed by Thom Rainer (of Lifeway) --
@ThomRainer - Turning back from FL to get back to Nash. Just learned that the Harpeth River has reached our home in the flood. Please pray.
@ThomRainer - Flood waters rising in our home. We are 4 hours south of Nash. Doesn't look good for the house. I will praise Him in all things.
@ThomRainer - Just spoke to insurance company. Confirmed no flood insurance, no coverage. God is good.
@ThomRainer - Main floor of our house spared! Significant damage to lower level but could be worse. PTL. Photo of back yard 

These guys aren't just praising God in the midst of the storm, they're getting out and helping others. I pray for these families, for all those hit hard by the floods in/near Nashville, and I pray that the church of Jesus Christ could be a beacon of hope and light - and helping hands.

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