Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Living a Focused Life

This week I started my last class at Rockbridge Seminary, "Practicing the Focused Life." It's the capstone course which encourages students to reflect on where they've been and think about where they're going. The key concept of the course is that of a 'Focused Life.' Dr. Robert Clinton in "Strategic Concepts that Clarify a Focused Life" defines this as follows...

A focused life is
• a life dedicated to exclusively carrying out God's effective purposes through it,
• by identifying the focal issues, that is, the life purpose, effective methodology, major role, or ultimate contribution which allows
• an increasing prioritization of life's activities around the focal issues, and
• results in a satisfying life of being and doing.

Would you describe your life or ministry as focused? That would certainly be a stretch for me. But I sure like Clinton's description of what a focused life is all about. By God's grace, things have been coming more into focus, and my prayer is that over the next few months that God adds more clarity to how I can best serve Him according to the way He has designed me.

Are you developing, practicing, or longing for the focused life? Add a comment to let me know!

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