Monday, March 7, 2011

Dig Deeper $5K theWellProject Goal Reached

Just two weeks ago I described how our 10-Day H2O challenge in support of raising funds for a well in Honduras was a big success. We're doing TheWellProject in partnership with Living Water International. Today we got the totals of donations that people made...

... we've already reached our goal of raising the $5,000 needed to dig a new well !!! 

That's just amazing! I'm so proud of all those involved, and for the vision and leadership of our Family Ministries Director and teachers in making this happen. Not only that, we're months ahead of schedule. The Dig Deeper project is a year-long effort by our Children's Ministry, and we will definitely be doing more - so those still looking to make a donation and make a difference should still do so :)

How can I describe how excited I am about the generous efforts of our people at Calvary and the fact that a community in Honduras will be receiving the gift of clean water? At the risk of having my man card revoking, I'm about as happy as this little camper below...

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