Thursday, March 8, 2007

What to Look for in a Worship Pastor

A few months ago we were looking for a new Worship Pastor, as Matt was moving on to a great opportunity to help a church plant. There was much discussion over what we needed to look for - and the possibilities were all over the map. By far the most useful and succinct criteria came from my 8 year old daughter. Out of the blue at dinner one night she was asking about the search and I asked her what she thought we should look for...
"Well, mostly he should love Jesus. He should like music, but love people more. He should sing nice and play guitar good, maybe a little drums. He should love kids - if he's a Dad that's good cuz he'll already know how to do that."
Wow! She nailed it! (When the search team was discussing the final candidate who would get the call, he matched this description perfectly.) My youngest son had some ideas too. He said he agreed with his sister's comments but felt it important to add...
"He shouldn't jump off the side of the trampoline cuz that's not safe and he might bonk his head!"
Whether or not Lorin will abide by this advice, time will tell! Given his background as a youth minister however, I'm not betting on it.

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