Saturday, July 5, 2008

Chapter Two

I was suprised (but not too surprised) to learn on Tim Steven's blog that Granger Community Church is about to undergo some sweeping changes. Some of these include...
  • Changing weekend services - four 75-minute instead of five 60-minute services. This is both to add some significant artistic and participative opportunities.
  • Halting their long-running Thursday night midweek service "New Community".
  • Once a month First Wednesday service seeks to provide an awesome worship experience.
  • The other Wednesday nights will have three very focused "Journey Bible Study" tracks: Encounter, Empower and Engage.
These changes are primarily a resonse to their recent 'Reveal' study. Tim stresses that they are not changing direction, just switching gears. Chapter One ends, Chapter Two is beginning for Granger. I pray this goes well for them, and have every expectation that it will.

To understand the why, and to see how they handle communication of change in a truly excellent fashion, you really need to watch the video of the service in which this was announced: July 3rd service 'Trading Pop Beads for Pearls'. One reason I found this so interesting and will be watching to see how it develops is because we're thinking about very similar issues - how to make best use of a mid-week service or teaching, and how to best make disciples and teach people how to feed themselves.

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