Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sabbatical preview

Hmm, I'm not so sure anymore about the sabbatical we have planned for our Senior Pastor next year. Chuck just got back from a three week vacation in which he fished, relaxed, and basked in the quietude that can only come from a secluded lake-side location with no cell phone coverage and no broadband. The church went on and didn't collapse to the ground, people came to Christ and will be baptized this weekend, powerful testimonies and messages were shared, new people have come, returned, and made friends, and Chuck got to spend some awesome time with his sweeheart (his wife Janis of course). I mean, look at this picture - I would be smiling broadly too if I were feasting on crawfish and blue crabs too!

So what is the problem? I barely know where to start!! It's like we have an imposter back! First of all, he went and shaved his head. Second, he's whipping out his phone and texting in the middle of a staff meeting. He used Instant Messaging for the first time this week. He posted a video on Facebook, and is starting to add flair. When will the madness end?!? If I see him blogging next week, that's it, I'm calling the feds! Worst of all, the staff and volunteer leaders have gotten a preview of the sabbatical to come next year and have seen that God will use us and build His kingdom when we serve Him with our gifts that He has given all of us. The secret is officially out - we are the ministers! I can't even imagine where all this will lead if Pastor Chuck continues down this pathway of spiritual and physical renewal and continues to focus on being an even better equipper and encourager! Can you?

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