Thursday, July 3, 2008

Online Bible Study Resources

In the course of doing some research this week on the biblical concept of 'calling', I came across a host of outstanding resources. Here are some that I've found very useful or that seem quite interesting...

Bible Gateway is one of the quickest and easiest ways to look up a verse in the bible version of your choice. I really like their online audio bible which has Max McLean reading chapters of the bible from the NIV, or choose one of five other English versions (and one spanish).

Blueletter Bible (making reference to blue hyperlinks) is one of my first go-to sites for understanding the meaning of a verse or passage better. Many versions, links to commentaries, dictionaries, concordances, and it makes great use of Greek and Strong's tools to dig deeper.

Study Light is newer to me - I found it while looking for the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia. The site has a number of basic tools, a dozen commentaries, plus some heavy hitters like Robertson's Word Pictures of the New Testament. (Did you know the word 'workmanship' in Eph 2:10 is poema, from where we get the word poem?!)

YouVersion is an interesting new online bible specifically designed to foster community and collaboration around the study of God's word. Nice interface... Commentaries meet Web 2.0

There's also a ton of study-bible resources that are available for download. Some are free, or if you want copyrighted versions like the NIV, many are available at modest prices. Good ones to look at include e-Sword, Word Search, Bible Explorer, Quickverse, Logos Bible Software (that's not an exhaustive list, or even the best, but these ones are good ones.) Related custom applications include Verseminder, for memorizing and devotions, or the Daily Bible Verse Facebook app. (Calvary has a facebook profile and more folks have been becoming friends there lately).

For more devotional reading, there is a ton of stuff out there, including Crosswalk, Our Daily Bread, and The Listener's Bible. On iTunes you can search for podcasts like 'The Bible in a Year', 'Daily Bible Verses', '1 Year Daily Audio Bible', or Dr.Carlson's Science Theater (oh wait, that's not a devotional, still, it's a fun site). No time to list all the great blogs and web resources for e-Ministry, but I'll mention one I just found today - Digital Leadership Network, focused on using technology to multiply the church's impact.

If anyone has other suggestions for resources, they've found useful, leave a comment and let me know!

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