Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Interesting posts

Quite a few really interesting blog posts in the past few days - here's a few I particularly liked...

Perry Noble - "Four Leadership Questions that are Stretching Me"
I really like his first one - 'What do I need to stop doing?'

Mark Howell of Small Group Resources highlights a new DVD-driven small group curriculum "A Life that Matters." Based off Rick Warren's book "Purpose Driven Life", but with a very different format of engaging stories, not your typical talking-head study.

Mark Batterson's blog on leadership shows his enthusiasm for a new program they're starting at NCC - a "Protoge Program" of two-year ministry internships that are really win-win for the church and for those serving. He makes reference to their being a 'Teaching Church' (like a Teaching Hospital) and that this is also their farm system for new talent.

Some techie posts by David Russel on Twitter (great for attending conferences with collleagues) and by Tony Morgan on switching from Outlook to GMail. Tony also has a very thought-provoking post on "9 Do's and Don'ts for Ministry Growth".

Carlos and Tony spotlight an amazing promo for an upcoming series "Anything Short of Sin" that emphacizes doing whatever it takes (short of sin) to introduce people to Jesus Christ in a way that's relevant for them. Read more about it on the links - the video is embedded below.

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