Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembrance, August '08 Round-up and Book Giveaway

It's been a busy month - again I read more good posts than I had time to blog about, so today includes some links to outstanding blog entries from August 2008. Also, I can't look at the date and not pause to reflect on the memory of Sept 11th.

Two posts by Perry Noble that were home runs were about dealing with tension in the room, and looking at weight issues.

Chris Forbes at Ministry Marketing Coach helped me better understand communicating with the millenial generation.

Jason Curlee highlighted a video clip that demonstrates some extreme determination.

Carlos' "Ragamuffin Soul" blog is always raw and fresh - this short post cracked me up.

Sharon Hodde's post on listening vs judging others had me catching myself in a few phrases I use when listening (or not listening) to people. (Her RSS feed for She Worships has changed, I thought for a while that Sharon had gotten quiet.)

Digital @ Leadership Network had a pair of really beneficial posts on church website strategy. Tony Steward asks the question who is your web site for? And Dean Peters specifically cautioned against having a web site that tries to serve too many targets at once.

Kem Meyer of GCC has this great snapshot of failing to communicate by overcommunicating. She also gave some excellent tips on how to provide alternatives to the e-Newsletter for getting the word out about your ministry.

At Ministry Best Practices Bill Reichart gave a short but powerful tip on creating a small groups culture, as well as a thought-provoking discussion of relevance for a church. Then, in an impressive show of diversity, he gave us a nice Facebook primer.

Some great ideas from Greg Gilbert on helping to foster change when you're not in charge (ie. some useful tips for the rest of us).

Nelson Searcy had some interesting comments about "Where There is Slack there is Lack" with respect to the Volunteer Ministry System, as well as some ideas on increasing the number of small groups in your church from his book "Activate."

Mark Howell of Small Group Resources had a great discussion on whether the grow-and-birth is a model appropriate for healthy groups.

Phew, that's a lot! (Maybe I should just blog about these more often?)  I'll finish with some very interesting YouTube video links about the Large Hadron Collider, a huge particle acceleator that is just coming online. You can either go for the Large Hadron Rap (I'm not kidding) or a more technical yet accessible look at the science and rationale behind this amazing scientific device.

Finally a reminder that I'm looking to give away a free copy of Matt Batterson's book "Wild Goose Chase".  Yesterday I reviewed this excellent book - so leave a comment in the review post or here and I'll pick someone randomly for this.

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