Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Women at Calvary

Last night the Women@Calvary kicked off the Fall with a marvelous dinner and time of vision sharing by the leaders of this ministry. Almost 100 ladies were able to attend (which is no small feat in a church with average adult attendance around 350!)  They laughed, they cried, they made new friends, they ate chocolate! What more could you ask for?!

The evening really was awesome; I'm so glad the women got to do this, and I think it bodes well for what God will do in their midst this year! Since this is a blog on ministry, let me share a little extra from the guys' perspective. I had the privilege of helping with table service. Behind the scenes was interesting. Seven guys dressed up like they knew what they were doing were in fact utterly clueless. We all assumed someone else had a plan. None of us did (seriously!)  So ten minutes before we started, I got to witness a marvelous explosion of SHAPE into action. I and another greeter-type took command of the door, welcoming and escorting the ladies to the venue. Two guys with hospitality gifts filled the water glasses and mingled around putting people at ease. An admin-gifted man whipped out some paper and said "Ok, here's how we'll do this" - then he charted out a map of the twelve tables and gave the system for numbering seats. One leader-type took 'point' of this waitstaff and became our liaison to the kitchen. Someone with the gift of helps saw we had the tables covered, took off his shirt and dove into the kitchen to man the vegetable station. Another 'helps' guy started filling a dozen pitchers with ice and water, and kept 'em coming. In the kitchen a dear friend from my small group was doing an amazing job as chef and did not disappoint! Once we were fiinally serving the gifts of encouragement kicked in, kicking up attention to the guests a notch and making sure they felt special. The key speaker had to cancel, but the leaders in charge jumped in and spoke, and really touched some hearts! After the event several women (Martha personalities) had brought change of clothes and immediately dove into the task of clean-up. I'm very proud of everyone involved - it was a great display of servant hearts and unity, toward a goal of displaying one of Calvary's core values: "You are loved!"

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