Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Dance Will Go On

A while back I talked about the tragic death of the daughter of Steven Curtis Chapman. Recently he added a new chapter to that story, or more accurately, a new verse to his song.

On Aug 6 Steven and his family appeared on the Good Morning America show to talk about that painful loss. Also, he has written a new fourth verse for his song "Yours". It's hard to express how amazing it is to see the strong faith of their family in the midst of their suffering, and that new verse is a real inspiration of hope. Also, at a live performance recently, Chapman changed the last line of his hit song, Cindarella. Have you ever listened to a version of a song where before you even hit the play button you just knew you were going to cry? I did, and I was right. Check out the lyrics to the new verse of Yours, listen and watch this version of Yours on YouTube, or check out Cindarella with the revised ending. I can't even imagine trying to sing this song about a little girl after losing your daughter... God bless Steven and his family.

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