Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Power of Encouragement

I love encouragement! (Giving and getting :)  But have you ever thought about the purpose for it, or why it can be so powerful? An obvious answer is that it makes another person feel good, which is great. But most of us can think back to a time in our lives when the encouragement of someone we respected made a real impact in our lives, perhaps making a lasting difference.

Mac Lake shared 7 things that encouragement will do for our friends and/or those we influence or lead, and they're so good I wanted to share them with you --

  1. It helps them see the work God is doing in or through their life.
  2. It motivates them to continual improvement.
  3. It enhances their confidence and courage.
  4. It expands their vision. When they know the progress they’ve made has been recognized and appreciated it causes them to dream bigger.
  5. It validates their giftedness. Most people struggle with clarity in the area of their giftedness. A specific word of encouragement can help bring needed confirmation.
  6. It creates relational bonds between the leader and follower.
  7. It teaches them to encourage others.
How about it? Is there someone you know who is in need of encouragement this week? Don't merely flatter with nice words, but let them know how special they are, something specific they're doing really well, a character trait you admire, or a difference you see they're making in the lives of others. Make encouraging others a daily part of your life!

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