Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where Do I Want To Grow Today?

It's been a month with a lot of extra quiet, time to reflect, and reading and thinking about mentoring and personal growth. As I do that I've really been challenged to think about where I'm looking to grow - not just grow in ability or effectiveness in helping others, but where do I sense God looking to work in my own life. So as June comes to a close (already?!) I thought I would put out there some areas where I would like to see improvement...
  • Bible reading and devotions - always a challenge to keep things fresh and consistent
  • Loving my wife as Christ loves the Church - wow did He set the bar high!
  • Being more transparent, open about struggles and pain as well as successes - tougher than it sounds for someone in my generation, and though I'm doing this more and more, I still come across often as guarded
  • Giving it my all at work, as if working unto the Lord - with a lack of deadlines I can procrastinate way too much
  • Hating to start things until I think I have it all figured out - just realized this week I've made almost no progress in the past three years on something I've been telling myself is very important (taking procrastination to a whole new level here!)
  • Exercise and eating right - life-long challenges, but sadly my belt is tight on its last notch! Self-control is a bear for me more often than I wish.
  • Sensing a big gap between how I want to be someone who equips and helps others to be all that they can be and help them grow, and my ability to see that happen. That's really frustrating.
On the plus side, these aren't just areas of total stagnation - I really am feeling like things are improving... it's just so slow sometimes - or so much a case of two steps forward and one step back. 

Where is God at work, or trying to work, in your life?

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