Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tragedy strikes the family of Steven Curtis Chapman

Very sad news to share from yesterday. The Tennessean reports: "Steven Curtis Chapman’s youngest child died Wednesday evening after being struck by a car driven by her teenage brother in the driveway of the family’s Williamson County home." The child was Maria, one of the Christian singer’s six children. The scenario was an SUV in the driveway with several children playing in the area, and the driver did not see his sister.

Maria joined the Chapman family via an international adoption from China. The Chapmans are tremendous supporters of adoption, and have brought three girls from China into their family. They're so active in this cause that they had founded an organization to aid families wanting to adopt, called Shaohannah's Hope. On his latest music tour Chapman has been asking audience members to bring spare change to the concert, which is collected and given to a local family to aid in their own adoption process.

For those vague on the name, Steven Curtis Chapman is an extremely talented Christian singer. Thinking about his latest song "Cindarella", and the key phrase "All too soon, the clock will strike midnight... and she'll be gone" I can't help but cry over the pain that he and his whole family must be going through right now. Please pray for them!

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