Monday, June 23, 2008

Developing the Focused Life

Tomorrow starts my first day 'back at school' - Rockbridge Seminary online. The first course (R5400) is required and it's called 'Developing the Focused Life'.

Focused life? I have focus! You're talking about a guy who can be studying so hard in one room that he doesn't smell the smoke pouring out of the toaster oven in the next room. A guy who can't hear a second person speak if he's listening to someone else (just ask my wife!) Or are they talking about a different kind of focus?

Developing the Focused Life "guides students in an examination of their call to ministry; including their unique design and shape and an assessment of ministry competency. The course also orients students to Rockbridge Seminary’s virtual classroom and learner-focused model of study." Ah, ok. That does sound helpful.

You know what else is cool? Someone else at my Calvary has decided to enroll at Rockbridge, likely starting in the August term! A third is actually pondering it now. Not only am I doing something I wouldn't have imagined even a short time ago, now friends are too?!

Anybody else? Give me a shout if you are even remotely thinking of it!

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