Monday, June 30, 2008

End of June already?

It's been quite a good week, good weather, dinner date with Dawn (albeit interrupted by tornado siren), and steady pace at work. The surprise highlight of the week was just how well my new classes are going!

I had pictured online learning as an modernized version of the old correspondence courses I've done in the past - content-based, a lot of material to cover, a ton of reading, and basically no interactions with other students as you go at your own pace. In my first week at Rockbridge Seminary, I just couldn't be any more wrong - it's been a fantastic week in my first course on Developing a Focused Life.

The two major focus areas for the week are: getting to know your fellow students, and spending some serious time reflecting and thinking about what God has been calling you to be, and calling you to do with your life. In just a week of activity in the forums I've come to know several folks more closely than I have 95% of my classmates in traditional classrooms, as we have shared together our hopes, passions, and concerns. They are a great group of people, diverse in age (20's to 60's), educational background, personalities, and ministry passions. The common ground is a desire to grow closer to God and to be more effective and confident in using the gifts we have been given by Him to serve others. So far it's been quite exciting, and a definite myth-busting experience about online learning and seminary training!

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