Monday, June 30, 2008

Twitter Success Story

This weekend Pastor Chuck mentioned Twitter in his sermon on Communications. In this he stressed the need to be speaking the truth, speaking it in love, and in forming friendships and relationships in which this can happen authentically. (He also mentioned my recent blog on The Evolution of Communication, which mentioned Twitter :)

Twitter describes itself as "a service for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: 'What are you doing?'" Basically, you broadcast short messages (140 characters or less) which can be seen by your friends, or really by anyone who cares to follow your Tweets (your messages). Pastors and Ministry Leaders are starting to use it more and more to keep their people in the loop, to share prayer requests, and just to be more accessible. You can view these Tweets online, or even have a text message sent to your phone when a given individual twitters. Tweets can be sent via computer, Instant Messaging, or via your cell phone. Just so I'm not behind my pastor on the technology curve (how embarrassing would that be?) I signed up for twitter today (ltbaxter). For more info, see "17 Ways to Use Twitter".

One really cool story about Twitter was one I read just this week by a blogger I read - 'The Day Jesus Saved My Twitter'. Carlos is a pastor, musician, blogger, and Service Programming Director at Buckhead Church in Atlanta, GA. His friends and many random people and blog readers follow his tweets at Well, last week Carlos missed a flight at the Dallas airport and was told he would have to sleep at the airport. Exhausted and frustrated, he twittered about his problem. Within 2 minutes he had 7 emails, 3 phone calls, and a bunch of tweets. Before long, someone came by and with a big smile handed him a room key to the Hyatt next door. Wow! Is that using technology to connect and see God minister or what?! Your mileage may vary if you get stranded in a random city and use Twitter, but you never know...

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