Thursday, June 19, 2008

Response to our Vision Path

In response to our recent Vision Path for the next two years, the Deacons at Calvary were asked to prayerfully consider this Vision and direction, and answer the following question:

Because I now understand _____________, (an insight)
I am going to _________________________, (an action step)
so that _______________________________. (an outcome or purpose)

Having spent a lot of time working on the Vision Path, and with a lot of other prayer recently on my purpose and calling, I really gave this question a lot of thought. In fact, I felt led to consider taking a step in each of our four top priorities: 1) upcoming sabbatical for our pastor, 2) becoming a church of small groups, 3) intentional leadership development, and 4) building a strong financial base. So here's how I answered the question...

Because I now understand that it is up to every one of us, together, to do our utmost to serve out a kingdom purpose, and that God has SHAPED me to encourage and equip others for ministry…

I am going to…

… step up as a Volunteer Ministries Director,
     so that we can more effectively engage people in ministry during the sabbatical.
… serve as a Small Groups Coach,
     so that small group leaders will be better supported as they shepherd their groups.
… study diligently on the practice of developing leaders and on effective ministry (more on that next post)
     so that I can learn more about how to be an effective leader and developer of ministry leaders.
… give away my ‘economic stimulus’ check as an offering towards the Connection Center
     so that we don’t have to take away funds from our operating budget to pay for the building.

I just don't think we can afford to sit around and play games with ministry when God has called us to be agents of change, transforming lives in our community and in our church, as he longs to call many unto him and build them up as followers of Christ, loving and serving one another. Let's roll!

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