Sunday, June 29, 2008

Volunteer Ministries Coordinator

This week, in support of our Vision Path and as a complement to seminary studies in Ministry Leadership, I have taken on a new role as ‘Volunteer Ministries Coordinator’ at Calvary. I’m excited about the opportunity to love and serve those who are stepping up to serve God and one another in our church and community.

What is a Volunteer Ministries Coordinator?

It’s a person who champions the purpose of Ministry – a servant who encourages and equips volunteer ministry leaders, helps people find their SHAPE and get plugged in, identifies and develops new leaders, and coordinates efforts in our various volunteer ministries. Similar to how I describe a Small Group Coach, the priorities are: 1) show love to those involved in ministry, 2) support them as needed to help their ministry to transform lives, 3) help other leaders understand the church’s vision of developing fully-devoted followers of Christ and set their own ministry goals as they pursue this vision.

At Calvary we structure and staff according to our purposes: fellowship, discipleship, ministry, missions, and worship. Someday I pray God will allow us to call full-time ministers for each of these, but for the short-term we’re relying on part-time and volunteer leaders to serve. “Every Member a Minister” is a key part of our vision, and something I really believe in. My main prayer request would be for strength and balance as I’m still a full-time engineer, husband and father of four, student, and trying to do what I can to as a part-time volunteer ministries coordinator!

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