Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Album Review - Not Afraid by Stephanie Smith

I just bought a copy of Stephanie Smith's debut album, "Not Afraid". (I got it a few days early from a friend of mine... her mom.) She is a new Christian rock artist living in Nashville. It's fantastic! I've loved the song "Superstar" since I first heard it, and it's become one of my kids favorites. You should hear my oldest daughter and youngest son (!) wail out the lyrics when we play it in the van. It was quite a treat for them to hear her perform it live at Calvary at few months ago. At the time she also performed "Not Afraid", the title single of her upcoming album. Wow! It's such a powerful song. New songs from the album I had not heard before include "Waitin' on You" and "First Words". The songs span from highly energetic pumping rock songs to quiet ballads straight from her heart. (I can personally recommend the former songs as excellent to blast when you're playing volleyball.)

Stephanie's story is itself quite amazing, and the ups and downs of her life experience come through not only in her music, but in her ministry of encouragement to women. Find out more about her at http://www.shoutlife.com/stephaniesmith - and be sure to check out some of her songs (Superstar, Not Afraid and Renew Me) at Stephanie's MySpace page, or read more about her new album at Crosswalk.

The album is available as of today (May 27th) on iTunes.

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