Sunday, May 18, 2008

Calvary Baptist Vision Path (Part 3) - Small Groups

Vision Path Strategic Priority #2 -Becoming a Community of Groups

Calvary will transition from a church with groups to a community of groups, where the vision of Calvary - the development of fully-devoted followers of Christ - is accomplished primarily within group life. As Calvary grows in size, the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of our church family and the community cannot be met solely by the staff. In addition, we believe that life change happens as personal relationships are developed and people participate in a close knit small group that is providing encouragement, discipleship, and accountability.

Key Convictions and Principles:
  • Life-change happens best in small groups
  • Strong relationships are built when people “do life” together in a small group
  • People’s emotional, physical, and spiritual needs are best met by those who know them and love them
  • Every group deserves a shepherd leader who loves them, and is equipped to help them grow
Specific Goals:
  • Form Small Group Support Team to oversee all Small Group Ministry
  • Develop a team of small group coaches
  • Develop shepherd leaders within small groups
  • A small group for every person at Calvary
  • All church leadership participating in a small group
Resources, Responsibilities: The emphasis on being a church of groups will require a significant time commitment from the Small Group Coaches and the Small Group Leaders as they move from a “facilitator” role to a “shepherd” role. Amy will be the staff leader of the Small Group Support Team.

Key Outcomes: There will be a small group available for every one who wants to participate (e.g. increase number until we have one group per 10 members/attenders); primary pastoral care will come from within small groups (supported by staff, not done by staff); measurable growth in personal commitments to discipleship, ministry, missions, worship, and fellowship within the Small Groups and within the church body.

Clarifying the "Win": This priority will be a "win" when exciting life change is occurring in small groups, when people are drawn into a group by the good things happening there, when members feel loved and equipped by their leaders, and when leaders fell loved and equipped by their coaches.

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