Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Calvary Baptist Vision Path (Part 6) - Maximization of Facilities

Vision Path Strategic Priority #5 - Maximization of Facilities

Calvary will maximize its use of current facilities and carefully consider needs for the future. We've been in our current building for eight years. At present there is no team in charge of building maintenance and much of the responsibility for urgent repairs falls upon our senior pastor. There is a need to maintain our building and grounds with excellence that is on par with the community in which we live. As Calvary has grown, and adult classrooms have been transitioned into the Connection CafĂ© and additional children’s classrooms, we now lack adequate space for our small groups and Sunday morning Life Development Classes, and this is hindering our growth. In addition, our junior and senior high youth groups have not had their own meeting space for a year and will need a youth friendly space that allows for worship with a youth band, activities, Bible study, and “hang out” time.

Key Convictions & Principles:

  • Buildings and properties are never more important than people
  • The first impression that our guests have when coming on to our property should be welcoming and communicate to them our commitment to excellence
  • Our children, youth, and adults need space that is created just for them that shows that they are important to us
  • Our campus should be the place where the community comes to do life together
Specific Goals:

  • Consider existing space usage strategically
  • Complete Connection Center (3,168 sq ft building, volunteer labor)
  • Form a team to consider future building projects
  • Form a Facilities and Grounds Team to oversee all maintenance and repairs
Resources, Responsibilities: The new Facilities and Grounds Team will be responsible for maintenance and repairs, a Facilities Expansion Team will consider new buildings, and the staff leader will be our Senior Pastor, Chuck Grant.

Key Outcomes: Completion of Connection Center in time for use by Summer Camp this June; Current Properties are well maintained and reflect our commitment to excellence; High participation in classes and activities offered in the connection Fall 2008 / Spring 2009; Proposal for future building projects by the end of 2009.

Clarifying the "Win": This priority will be a "win" when we are excellent stewards of what God has entrusted to us, when adults, students, youth and children have adequate space that does not hinder fellowship, growth or outreach, and when plans for expansion are carefully considered both from a strategic and financial viewpoint.

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