Thursday, May 22, 2008

PEACE and Love

What's coming out of the Purpose Driven Network Summit? Lots! Rick Warren had a press conference today talking about several things. (You can watch it on ustream or in a few weeks, on Rick Ferguson has a great early set of notes on Rick's talk today on PEACE.

The PEACE Coalition is a network of networks. Not a new association competing for energy with existing organizations, but a loose network that looks to improve communication and networking between existing organizations. Along with that is 'Purpose Driven Network', which aims to make available many churches across the country at a wide range of sizes, and encourage them to help other churches at a younger/smaller stage. (That would be a huge help for us! It's been a struggle to find good examples in the one-step-smaller-than-small category.)

P.E.A.C.E. is an acronym that originally stood for:
Planting churches, Equipping leaders, Assisting the poor, Caring for the sick, Educating the next generation. Last year apparently the P changed to Partner with Local Churches. With PEACE 2.0, that 'P' has morphed to "Promote Reconciliation". Hmm... that's quite a departure from Plant Churches... details on the web site still talk about it being church-to-church. No shortage of sites attacking him for this, of course. Will need to follow-up on this aspect of change.

The mission/vision of PEACE: "Ordinary people empowered by God making a difference together wherever they are". For more info on the PEACE plan visit I need to find out more about it myself at some point, but at present I tend to agree with Pastor Louis, quoted by Fox News: "I like Rick Warren’s P.E.A.C.E. plan better than the naysayers lack of a plan. Warren may reach for the stars and only get the moon, but you can be sure that if you reach for nothing, that is exactly what you will get."

Lots of good things going on with PEACE in Rwanda. Something in the press conference that really caught my attention was what Saddleback quietly has been doing in India is developing over a half a million small groups (!?!)

Somehow I missed this - I don't think it's "news", but there is a third campaign - "40 Days of Love", the first new campaign from them in three years. It focuses on relational renewal, much like 40 Days of Purpose was about personal renewal. Their website says: "Unearth the core of Jesus’ ministry in how we show love to the people God has placed in our lives here on earth. This campaign covers every aspect of what matters most. How can we communicate more like Jesus? How do we love our creator, our neighbors, and ourselves? We invite you to embark on this new journey with us this Fall."

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