Friday, May 9, 2008

Clarifying the Vision of the Church

As we have been seeking to better understand what God is calling us to be and to do, we needed to pause briefly in our strategic planning process. Herrington describes that the "vision path is the next level of detail... It explains the meaning and implications of the vision. Vision describes the big picture of where the church is going, and visionpath begins to fill in details of how the church will get there." So first we just wanted to spell out some key aspects of the vision that would guide the development of the vision path. Though we have a ways to go in describing a clear, shared, compelling vision of the future to which God is calling us, the follow are definitely important pieces of this framework:

  • Biblically Sound – Culturally Relevant

  • We will communicate a passionate message of God’s love which is culturally relevant, uncompromised and biblical.

  • Accepting Environment

  • We will enthusiastically welcome all people at Calvary and provide a contagiously friendly environment where all are accepted and loved.

  • Living Life on Purpose

  • We will encourage living an abundant and intentional life, never ceasing to grow, as we yearn to see all become fully devoted followers of Christ.

  • Active in the Community

  • We strive to become vitally involved in our community, agents of transformation helping those who are hurt, and sharing God’s love with all around us.

  • Nurturing Families

  • We are urgently committed to excellence in all aspects of ministry to families, radically devoted to serving the children and youth of our community.

  • Connecting in Groups

  • We are not just a church with groups; we are a church of groups. We rely on small groups as a primary way to develop authentic relationships and to grow spiritually.

  • Every Member a Minister

  • We will empower, encourage and equip every person to serve God according to their SHAPE as an expression of our radical devotion to Jesus Christ.

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