Monday, May 12, 2008

My Gardener

There was a funny TV show, a comedy about marriage that sometimes hit fairly close to home - 'Til Death, starring Brad Garrett. One particular episode talked about how in marriage there is often one spouse who is the "gardener". That spouse is constantly thinking about the other person, and does so much for the 'plant' - often unnoticed. In the show, Brad realized with a touch of horror, that his wife was the gardener, and realized what a lucky man he was.

Today, on Mother's Day, it's time to head home from church and I'm hanging out in the lobby, with the kids running around nearby. Hmm, where's Dawn? She must be talking to someone... boy she sure can gab...

Next thing I know, I see her pulling up in front with my car - and that after already getting the van for the kids. She knows how much I hate getting wet and even on her special day, walked through the rain thinking of me.

She's the gardener. And I love her very much. Indeed, I'm a very lucky man!

Happy Mother's Day!

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