Monday, May 19, 2008

Calvary Baptist Vision Path (Part 4) - Intentional Leadership Development

Vision Path Strategic Priority #3 -Intentional Leadership Development

The upcoming sabbatical and ongoing growth at Calvary require us to complete the transition of a pastor-does-the-ministry model appropriate for small churches (<150>become more intentional about leadership development. There are three key needs for improving volunteer ministry: i) caring more for volunteers as people; ii) an intentional leadership development process; iii) improved strategic and operational planning for ministry. Addressing these needs together will help develop new leaders and strengthen existing leaders, prevent burnout, provide a greater level of satisfaction for those serving, and increase the overall effectiveness of ministry at Calvary.

Key Convictions and Principles:

  • Biblical Leadership must reflect integrity, trust, passion, and a servant's heart
  • Leadership begins with a clear and compelling vision, and influences others to a change in heart, priorities or actions towards that vision.
  • Leadership development is best learned when it is taught within the context in which it will be practiced, and is strategic when aligned with the vision path.
  • Leaders develop leaders – modeling, mentoring, and motivating.
  • The most strategic thing a leader can do is to develop potential leaders
  • The best environment for learning to lead is one where people are cared for as people, encouraged, equipped, and empowered.
  • Current leaders must become more intentional in mentoring others, and must increasingly delegate authority, not just responsibility.
The goals below address our needs at the organizational level, in large groups, small groups, and one-on-one. They also provide some practical venues to leadership training to be put in practice.

Specific Goals:
  • New Strategic Leadership Team to help broaden base of leadership
  • Provide Servanthood And Leadership Training (SALT)
  • One-on-one leadership training and coaching
  • Leadership development in small groups
  • Implementation of Vision Path itself will be a training opportunity for new leaders and ministry teams
Resources, Responsibilities: The greatest resource investment will be time, but we really do see leadership development as an investment that in the long-term will help free up a small number of overworked ministry leaders as well as increase overall passion and effectiveness of ministry. Pastor Chuck will lead the effort on this priority, supported by the new Strategic Leadership Team.

Key Outcomes: Strategic Leadership Team formed at the May business meeting; Regular SALT meetings aimed at equipping the Core; Every supported ministry has a leader and apprentice who can clearly communicate the purpose and vision of their ministry, and who understand the need to reproduce themselves; Deacons and Ministry Area Leaders will be accountable for one-on-one mentoring of other leaders; a 50-100% increase in the number of identifiable ministry leaders and apprentice leaders

Clarifying the "Win": This priority will be a "win" when the number of people actively leading a ministry or actively participating in its direction increases at least two-fold, when these leaders are enthusiastic and empowered in their ministry areas, and when they rate the training as useful and encouraging rather than a time sink.

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