Saturday, May 24, 2008

Calvary Baptist Vision Path (Part 9) - Strategic Staff Development

Vision Path Strategic Priority #8 - Strategic Staff Development

Calvary is led by its pastor. He is assisted by a ministerial staff that serves at his discretion. Together, this pastoral team encourages, equips, and empowers the members of Calvary to serve the ministry of the church as fully devoted followers of Christ. We currently have a full-time senior pastor and office administrator and several part-time staff in ministerial and admin positions.

Key Convictions & Principles:
  • The Biblical model for church leadership is pastoral leadership.
  • Healthy, growing churches are led by pastors, who equip, encourage, and empower congregational members to do ministry.
  • Ministerial staff members should serve from a sense of calling, and a covenant relationship should exist between the church and staff members.
  • The best predictor of future performance/behavior is past performance/behavior.
  • Calling, Character, Competency - look for these in considering a hire.
Specific Goals:
  • Identify gifted potential staff that God might wish to bring to the church
  • Develop existing staff members by providing staff members opportunities for both professional and personal growth
  • Increase staff focus on personnel development for ministry
Resources, Responsibilities: Requirements for our strategic priority of “Build a strong financial base” must be met.There will inevitably be pressure to abandon the priority of establishing a strong financial base, and the accompanying goals, but the long term health of the church requires rigor in pursuing this goal. This priority will be overseen by the senior pastor with the assistance of the personnal team.

Key Outcome Targets: Eventually provide full-time staff for each of the five purposes; Worship, ministry, evangelism, discipleship, fellowship; and administration; provide other program and support staff as needed.

Clarifying the "Win": This priority will be a "win" when current staff are developed to their full potential in character and competency, with any new staff hire in response to much prayer, careful evaluation, and in good stewardship.

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