Thursday, May 15, 2008

Random thoughts for the day

Today was an "in-the-zone" day (all by grace, nothing I did!) Finished something I promised a while ago for a client with three minutes to spare. Boss says he's scared for the first time in a while that new sales prospects are so good we may get swamped with work. Friend got a book I've been dying to see as an advance review copy. Installation of new software on my machine went flawlessly. Dinner was off-the-charts good (BBQ ribs), with cheesecake for dessert. Got to meet and talk to some new folks for dinner and they seem like wonderful people. Then a Q&A session on our recent vision presentation that went very well, and people asked questions. The day just couldn't have gone much better - thanks Lord!!

Two tidbits - first is one from recent reading though I wish I could remember the source:
"What is the difference between a committee and a team? A committee sits around and plans what other people are supposed to do. A team gets stuff done."

Second, the '7-second rule', used by Amy A. in our question and answer session tonight. "After asking a question, or opening up the floor for questions, close your mouth and keep in closed for at least seven seconds. Smile, but don't say anything." To us up front it seemed quite long, but to my shock, someone would finally ask a question. It was always a good question, but never came until after a good 6-7 seconds. That little tip kept our session going, and helped us not close early with a 'few closing songs.' I think time like that is important, to help as many people as possible understand the why behind things, not just the what.

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