Friday, May 23, 2008

Calvary Baptist Vision Path (Part 8) - Strengthen First Impressions Ministry

Vision Path Strategic Priority #7 - Strengthen First Impressions Ministry

The First Impressions Ministry plays a vital role in our church, a visible demonstration that we love and welcome every person, that they matter to God and matter to us. As we continue to grow it will become more difficult to maintain an inviting atmosphere.

Key Convictions and Principles:
  • Every person who steps foot on the Calvary Campus is dearly loved by God
  • First Impressions Ministry Team members are partners with the people who pray for and invite their friends to visit
  • Good stewardship requires us to do our absolute best with everything that God entrusts to us, and this includes guests He has brought here
  • Guests will likely have a strong impression of us (positive or negative) within the first ten minutes of driving onto our grounds
  • We want guests to have a 'Wow!' experience on visiting Calvary that leads them to tell and invite their friends, family and neighbors.
Specific Goals:

  • Form a First Impressions Ministry Support Team
  • Develop First Impressions Ministry Coordinators for each aspect
  • Coordinate with new Facilities and Grounds Team
  • Improve responsiveness and accountability for visitor requests and responses
Resources, Responsibilities: Potential budget items include grounds maintenance, landscaping, signage; maintenance and repair issue tracking system; First Impressions Ministry Team and Facilities and Grouds Team will have responsibilities, overseen by Pastor Chuck.

Key Outcomes: First Impressions Ministry Support Team will be commissioned; Team leaders identified and coordinated to consider all key aspects of First Impressions, including Greeters, Ushers, Hospitality, Information Desk; Training activities and documents will be developed for all aspects of First Impressions Ministry.

Clarifying the "Win": This priority will be a "win" when the environment for everyone is welcoming, friendly, clean, and non-stressful, when first-time visitors feel at-home, and when there are no external distractions preventing God from speaking to their hearts.

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