Friday, May 16, 2008

Calvary Baptist Vision Path (Part 1) - Overview

Over the past several months we've been taking a close look at our vision and doing some strategic planning to be more intentional about our ministry priorities and choices at Calvary Baptist. Senior Pastor Chuck Grant has led the process, with heavy involvement and support by a new Strategic Leadership Team as well as the core group that attends our Wednesday evening service. It's our third 'long range plan' since his arrival in 1997. Then as now, our focus is on the fulfillment of the Great Commandment and Great commission. In Chuck's words:

"Healthy churches are purpose driven, culturally relevant, kingdom oriented, and intentionally strategic. The driving purpose behind the ministry of Calvary is the development of fully devoted followers of Christ. Our business is to encourage people to become like Jesus and our product is changed lives. In order to fulfill our purpose we must be both culturally relevant and kingdom oriented. The strategic plan, or “Vision Path: 2008-2010” will help us to focus on our most important priorities, allocate resources accordingly, and evaluate our progress continually."
The Vision Path then is a roadmap. It's an imperfect one, but useful. Not static, but subject to change as God directs. It represents our best thoughts on how to proceed based on what we perceive God to be doing, and is a useful tool to monitor progress and provide accountability.

Key “Strategic Priorities” on the Vision Path for 2008-2010
  1. Sabbatical for Pastor Chuck in 2009
  2. Becoming a Community of Groups
  3. Intentional Leadership Development
  4. Build a Strong Financial Base
  5. Maximization of Facilities
  6. Communication Improved at all Levels
  7. Strengthen First Impressions Ministry
  8. Strategic Staff Development
This overview is the first part in a series that will present our Vision Path. I hope it's useful for small group leaders and other members of Calvary, but I also hope it might provide some ideas for other medium churches in a situation similar to ours (not they would find these priorities useful, but that by layout out our process from mission to vision to vision path they may find it a useful example of the strategic planning process). Send me an email if you would like a PDF copy, or have any questions on the Vision Path or our strategic planning process.

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