Sunday, May 25, 2008

Calvary Baptist Vision Path (Part 10) - Conclusion

That wraps up the ten-part series on the Vision Path for Calvary Baptist Church for 2008-2010. The strategic priorities are as follows:

Vision Path Overview
1: Sabbatical for Pastor Chuck in 2009
2: Becoming a Community of Groups
3: Intentional Leadership Development
4: Build a Strong Financial Base
5: Maximization of Facilities
6: Communication Improved at all Levels
7: Strengthen First Impressions Ministry
8: Strategic Staff Development

What's the next step? For each strategic priority we've identified champions on the Strategic Leadership Team who will assemble a Ministry (Support) Team to implement that focus. These teams will be empowered and equipped to carry out their priority, and we'll try to have a mixture of people currently active in the ministry area with new potential leaders. The implementation process itself is part of one of our priorities: Leadership Development. The timeframe for these activities is fairly aggressive - some are already in progress, and some will lay the foundations for what will be a longer term effort. We will need a lot of prayer, and a lot of people excited about the impact God can have on our church and our community, to carry us through to a higher level of impact, transforming lives.

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