Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Core Values of the Church

The mission of our church is not subject to change, as Christ's mission is unchanging. Our understanding of it may (should) improve, and the words we use to discuss it may vary, but we're looking to encourage people to become fully-devoted followers of Christ. What that looks like from one church to another may vary somewhat. In the same way God makes each of us unique as individuals, our churches and communities are also unique. Core Values are those things that help define a church, and express some of the heart of what God has called our particular congregation to be. Last year we spent some time discussing our Core Values, and the following expresses what we feel is most important at Calvary.

Christ-Centered Lives
Agents of Change
Loving Relationships
Volunteer Ministry
Authentic Leadership
Relevant Preaching
You are Loved

These core values are consistent both with our mission and who we are. We want to put Christ first in all things, and make sure that all we say and do communicates His love for all people. We want to share and live a clear biblical message, spoken not only in words but also in deeds. Calvary is a place for family, friends, and faith. Each one of us is called to serve, and has been uniquely shaped by God to do the good works He has prepared for us to do. It's important for us to accept and meet people where they are, but to encourage them to take a next step towards or in a relationship with Jesus Christ - to transform not only ourselves but our community.

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